New RF Metrics and Jammed Channels

Quick update on some newly baked wireless features available in the Cisco Meraki Dashboard.

RF Tab: Historical Wireless RF Metric Graphs

Some seriously cool new WiFi service graphs were added to the RF tab within the AP Status page. The graphs plot out relevant wireless events over time (e.g. channel and power changes), client count, channel utilization (per band), and total usage.

Meraki RF Wireless Troubleshooting Graphs

The ability to have a single timeline view showing a stack of relevant wireless service quality metrics will certainly help expedite troubleshooting.

Have too many hosts associated to a single AP? How about DFS channel events kicking off clients during that conference call last Tuesday? Got leaky microwave ovens in the kitchenette?

Now you know.

Non-WiFi Channel Jamming Enhancements

It looks like an update was made to Meraki's AutoChannel algorithm to make fast switching decisions when excessive non-WiFi interference is detected.

When significant non-WiFi interference (>65%) is detected in the environment over the past minute on an AP's current channel, a channel switch will be triggered due to the jammed channel. The event is logged to the Event Log as "Channel changed to avoid jammed channel" listing the radio, old, and new channels.

If you're not aware, non-802.11 is all too commonly emitted from sources like microwaves or other proprietary wireless devices using the ISM radio bands.

Now, not only can you see the non-802.11 interference levels with the fancy graphs - the APs will automatically rechannel on your behalf. How nice.