Our goal here is to be interesting. Education, architecture, you-name-it. As technology and data networking continues to evolve, our position is that this stuff is way too interesting not to riff a bit and make us all better for it.

We've all been influenced throughout our careers by a variety of voices that we respect. From thought leaders to technical innovators, we all owe a great debt to those who's shadows we've found ourselves close behind. If that's you, then thank you. Keep creating. If you're still on the path, then welcome. Because the truth is - we always are.

Lastly, cloud networking is what's on our mind because this stuff is the future. No question. The Cisco Meraki group is at the epicenter of the most innovative transition in our business.

About Aaron

Aaron has the pleasure of working as a consulting engineer within Cisco's Cloud Networking Group. He helps the smartest companies in the world design and deploy to cloud networks at scale. Empowering organizations so they can do what they do best.

Aaron previously worked in the partner community and as an independent network consultant for clients around the world.

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